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Salsa Nights at the Dream Hotel, Bangkok

Salsa greetings to everybody! Hola amigos, salsaludos! Salsa is a distillation of many Latin and Afro- Caribbean dances. There are many different styles of Salsa dance popular today. Each style represents the cultural preferences of dancers. Have you ever watched two people Salsa Dancing? Isn’t it simply mesmerizing? ?? Let’s all dance together… Every Sunday, from 8 pm till late, come party and sweat to the best hot sexy salsa music with Latinos Sabotaje at the Flava restaurant & bar at the Dream Hotel in Bangkok. There is no entrance fee, discounted drinks are also available....
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Tango Nights at the Dream Hotel, Bangkok

What counts in tango is not only the music, steps or the dance floor, but also the fragrance, head movements, breathing or whispering. Tango is like an aphrodisiac, which makes a man more masculine and releases femininity in a woman. The essence of tango is about life, especially about the relationship between a man and a woman. There are no mistakes in tango, not like in ordinary life. There is only the simplicity that makes tango such an incredible dance. If you missed a step, you do not worry about it. You just keep on dancing… p Let’s all dance together… Every Thursday, from 7...
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