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The Chinese Moon Festival – Mid-Autumn Festival

The Chinese love to celebrate, when they do celebrate, they do it with their heart and soul! Here comes that time again to prepare and eat Mooncakes. This is a popular harvest festival with a rich history that has been celebrated for about 3,000 years. On the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar which is around Mid-September, when the autumnal equinox of the moon showcases the magical beauty of the sky. This is the day when the moon shines at its fullest and roundest. It is an amazing event where farmers have the opportunity to celebrate the end of the harvesting season. All family...
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The Chinese Moon Festival – 22nd of September 2010

The Chinese love to celebrate, when they do celebrate, they do it with their heart and soul! The Chinese Moon Festival is a very interesting cultural experience. It is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Cake Festival. It is the third major festival in the Chinese calendar. It takes place on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. At this time, the moon is in its fullest and brightest state and also has a very unique yellow color. That is why during this day, the Chinese admire the moon’s light and eat food in the shape of the moon, mostly the so called moon cakes. They meet their...
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A Unique Bar “Q-Bar” in Taipei, Taiwan

In the east of Taipei, where it is always crowded, you will find a bunch of different restaurants where you can have a wonderful night. But why go to a regular restaurant when you can experience a unique one? Then you might want to visit the Q-Bar. The Q-Bar has opened five years ago and it is still attracting a lot of clients. The owner of this unique bar is Randall.  He manages this place and believe it or not he is even the cook. When the wheather is nice outside, the courtyard at this restaurant will be an amazing spot to have your diner. Randall invested in the Q-Bar and you still can see...
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