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Valentine’s Letter Left at a Boutique Hotel

You still do not know where to spend your Valentine’s Day this year … You are looking for a unique place, not the most crowded and popular spots like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a sandy beach from where you can admire the moon … Do not make the same mistake as every year and let us help you with organizing your unforgettable Valentine’s experience. Read the letter below as someone close to your heart wrote it and asked us to post it here… Dear Ideal Valentine’s Day, I begin here on Kraków’s streets, full of amazing history and an intensive atmosphere. Nowhere...
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La Pagode in Paris

“Paris is the charming, historical and romantic city in the world”, would most people say. It has is unique style and you will immediately fall in love with its architecture. La Pagode is one of these romantic get-away places to go. It is an ancient movie theater located at a quiet street at the 7th Arrondisement. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the Japanese Garden or you can watch a movie which vary in content and style, comedies with Woody Allen or films directed by Ken Loach. (Tickets are €8.50). Beneath the tranquility lies a romantic and a rather tumultuous past. See the story...
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