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Checklist During Your Stay in Rome

Courtesy of Ripa Hotel, Rome Today, we want to present a unique checklist during your visit in the capital of Italy… After you read it, you will know how to indulge your senses on your trip to Rome… ! Make some notes or “save” the pictures in your mind. .. When in Rome… you cannot miss: !! 1) Try the famous Caffè S.Eustachio 2) Strolling around in Campo d’Fiori – a rectangular piazza near Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy. Campo dei Fiori, translated literally from Italian, means “field of flowers”. 3) Renting a scooter to feel like the famous couple Peck-Hepburn...
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All Roads Lead to Rome

How to get to Rome and how to move around the city? Rome is a vibrant city, a center of culture, art and business. Walking through Rome is like stepping into the past, and experiencing the story of a city and a culture that has influenced almost every part of the world. Rome ranks high among the top cities to live in. It is a paradise for tourists because it offers everything they could ever ask for and even more. That is the reason to perceive it as one of the world’s most important cultural/tourism destinations. Rome has the largest international airport in Italy, that is Fiumicino. Moreover,...
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Exhibition in the Colosseum in Rome

When you visit the incredible city of Rome you might want to see the ancient Colosseum. This used to be the stage for different shows: for example fighting between exotic animals, or between men and animals. But also unique events took place like a famous exhibition of an elephant who knew how to write words in the sand with its trunk. But the favorite show that everybody adored were the shows of the gladiators. When the gladiator shows started, you heard a loud noise from the audience and trumpets were blown while the gladiators paraded into the packed arena with pride. They came from the underground...
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