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A fun fare of heavenly tasting pasta dishes throughout May 2012 at Dune Bar an Restaurant, Dune Hua Hin Hotel, Thailand

Dune Bar and Restaurant at Dune Hua Hin Hotel, a member of Epoque Hotels, is about to declare open its “Pasta Fever” month in May when a variety of delicious Italian dishes will be created for pasta lovers who are sure to delight in the soft, smooth and  firm texture of the long, loose pasta made with high quality ingredients . If  Hua Hin is your holiday destination you definitely cannot miss Dune’s unique pasta creations served hot on the roof top restaurant surrounded by 360 degrees of sea and mountain views.  Among the delectable menus are Spaghetti Snow Fish& Caviar with cream...
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The Giraffe Women in Thailand

Have you ever thought about such a thing as how long your neck is? Have you ever measured it? We are sure you would not be able to compete with the women of the Padaung tribe… The women from the Padaung tribe (Yan Pa Doung) are known as women with long necks or as giraffe women. Padaung is the group whose women wear ornaments known as neck rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck. These coils make the women look like a dragon,  which is an important figure in Kayan folklore. The coils protect them from tiger bites, more symbolically than literally. In the late 1980s and early 1990s...
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