July, 2013 | Epoque Hotels Blog

A boutique hotel’s stay at the Suites Avenue in Barcelona

This marvelous example of what defines Spanish culture, the unique blend of the traditional Catalonian architecture mixed with a futuristic design, and luxury at its finest, the Suites Avenue hotel in Barcelona is known for being an architectural icon in this fascinating city. The façade of the Suites Avenue is one that defies the eyes so much that even residents of Barcelona are in awe as if it were an object straight from one’s dreams or from another world. It was designed by the acclaimed Japanese architect Toyo Ito. It brings to mind the famous building located across the street – the...
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Beijing Farmers’ Market in the courtyard of the Red Wall Garden Hotel, Beijing

The Beijing Farmers’ Market supports locally and sustainably produced food and products and educational exchange between farmers and consumers. Its mission is to support sustainable agriculture and rural-urban mutual aid to create a platform for exchange and education and a space to buy safe, healthy food. It helps farmers who are already growing organic, and encourages other farmers who might be interested in making the transition. This Saturday, the 6th of July 2013, the Beijing Farmers’ Market took place in the courtyard of the Red Wall Garden Hotel. Several local vendors selling...
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Boutique Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

One of the most influential cities in Europe, Barcelona is a magical place that can be considered a paradise on Earth. Sunny beaches, amazing buildings dating as far back to the Roman settlement, numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and an abundance of nightlife locations make Barcelona one of the most visited cities in the world. Walking along the streets in Barcelona opens up the possibilities to discover many feelings that can only be felt in Barcelona. From the rich Catalan culture seen at the football matches of F.C. Barcelona, to the exotic tastes of the fresh and delicious Catalan cuisine,...
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