In a Nutshell

Boutique Hotels in a Nutshell

The Guestrooms

Often each guestroom in a Boutique Hotel is different from the others, by colour, setting, view and furniture. Antique or avant-garde furniture, drapes, old paintings or plasma TV, the stress is always on comfort and style.guestroom

The Bathrooms

Quirky Georgian-style or large high-tech with Jacuzzi, the bathroom is an essential sanctuary in which to relax and rejuvenate.


The Lobby

Smaller and more homey than those in hotel chains, lobbies in Boutique Hotels are often dimly lit, filled with artworks, a fireplace, comfortable ethnic or design furniture, all stimulating convivial and relaxing moments.

The Service

Great attention is laid to the service. Owing to a smaller number of guestrooms to attend, it is easier for the hotelier in a Boutique Hotel to supply to the needs of each guest with a personalized approach.

The Food and Drinks

Some Boutique Hotels offer a very special opportunity to taste the gastronomic idiosyncrasies of internationally acclaimed chefs and a superb choice of fine wines and liquors.beach


There is no definite location for a Boutique Hotel. It could be in a crowded city, in the peaceful countryside, close to a dreamy sandy beach or even on a glacier!