A Definition

Like Art, a Boutique Hotel is hard to define, but you’ll know when one you see it. Some key aspects may help to distinguish the concept behind this trend in hospitality.

Just like a “boutique” in French defines a small upscale shop to differentiate it from a big department store, similarly a Boutique Hotel distinguishes itself from a large Hotel Chain, which is identifiable with standardized features and looks.

A Boutique Hotel is typically a small independent property which is not restrained by the standards dictated by a Hotel Chain. As a result, Boutique Hotels are unique in their style, decor and character and are developing in more and more destinations. This trend is now one of the most significant phenomenon in the hotel industry since the establishment of franchise Hotel Chains in the 50′s and 60′s.

Back then, the concept was to replicate the features of a hotel in various destinations. With Boutique Hotels, the emphasis is laid on the uniqueness and individuality of the property.boutique hotel

As a matter of fact, prior to the 50′s, virtually every hotel was a Boutique Hotel. Family run and of small dimensions, hospitality was one-of-a-kind before switching to mass production. Currently, with Boutique Hotels, there is a comeback to the warmth of a family feel, a return to a homey and more personalized experience. Just like fashion periodically comes back to past evergreen roots, so Boutique Hotels hark back to the genuine origins of hospitality.
What characterizes a Boutique Hotel is the high quality service which is specifically geared towards the needs and expectations of the guest. Although many Boutique Hotels are hosted in historical buildings, they all offer a variety of up to date amenities that satisfy the wishes of the modern traveller, such as Internet and business facilities, Spa, swimming pool and often Restaurant and Lounge Bar.

Other Boutique Hotels make of cutting-edge design their greatest strongpoint. Renowned interior designers and architects are often engaged in decorating and shaping the contemporary Boutique Hotel. Ultramodern conveniences, high-tech equipment and trendy furniture assure the guest a compelling hotel experience.cutting-edge design

In fact, be it in a manor house, a castle, or a futuristic structure, the goal of a Boutique Hotel is to provide the traveller with an unforgettable setting for his or her journey. A Boutique Hotel is always a one-of-a-kind lodging experience.
In a world that is becoming increasingly standardized, where commodities, stores, restaurants, indeed society in general is developing into a homogenised entity, Boutique Hotels are beacon for diversity and originality.