TripAdvisor Recommends to Check Your Hotel Reviews and Take Advantage of the Owner Center

Florence historical train station Stazione Leopolda , now turned into a convention center, was the locale for the 2009 edition of the Buy Tourism Online Tradeshow (16-17 November). The B.T.O. is an Italian web 2.0 and online tourism tradeshow which central theme is TOURISM 2.0, the phenomenon that is radically changing the dynamics of supply and demand in the entire range of tourist accommodation.

Many speakers introduced the various aspects of Web 2.0 and social networking in the hotel industry. One of the most interesting speeches was delivered by Roberto Frua of TripAdvisor©. The focal point of Frua’s address was how social media, and above all TripAdvisor©, can help hoteliers in their marketing strategies.

Web 2.0, or consumer-based internet content, is a reality and it is very dynamic in the tourism industry. TripAdvisor©, with its over 30 million traveler reviews is an indispensable tool to monitor what it is being said about your property and take action. Monitoring and responding to your hotel’s reviews are essential in modern hotel business. More than ever if the reviews are negative, the hotelier should first of all be aware of the post and secondly come up with a satisfactory response. In order to facilitate this task, Tripadvisor© has introduced the Owner Center, built to help management teams from hotels, restaurants and attractions manage and optimize their properties’ presence on the portal.

Through the Owner Center hoteliers log in and are able to provide and update details about their hotels and most of all keep track of their reviews and respond in a timely manner. It really helps to save time on a very time consuming chore. Managers can check their performance on the customer satisfaction index, but also keep an eye on how their direct competitors are doing.

Nowadays TripAdvisor© is a vital means for hoteliers to engage with their former and possible guests. The revolution of the Web 2.0 is that customers have their say and what they think about your property is visible to the whole online community. It is a miscalculation to ignore this reality that may hurt the hotel credibility and image in the World Wide Web. Be it through the practical Owner Center or not, it is really advisable to observe what is being said about your property in TripAdvisor© and react: The first move to being part of any online community is to listen to the conversation, and then to join in.

4 Responses to “TripAdvisor Recommends to Check Your Hotel Reviews and Take Advantage of the Owner Center”

  1. Joan says:

    the power of web commenting is very strong right now. good and even bad comments can be constructive for a business as it gives the owner a chance to respond and interact with their customers which, overall, can make the business better.

  2. Nicol Zepka says:

    Interesting, very interesting, I just hope I knew english better to understand 100%, Grazie Mille Ciao da Hotel Abano Terme

  3. admin says:

    Grazie mille Hotel Abano Terme!

  4. Jay says:

    Sites like Trip Advisor are mostly great tools for travelers but the downside is one crazy person who didn’t get a mint on their pillow can wreak havoc for no reason. It’s one thing to have a slough of bad reviews, but if just one or two, take the time to investigate and even speak with the hotel owner directly.

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