It Is Summertime in Bruges. Hotel Navarra Offers You a Sensual Stay.

Summer has arrived in Bruges!   And the sunny streets and parks are even more enticing.

The former ramparts – now a ribbon of green around the city – simply shimmer in the summer sunshine: cycling through the many narrow streets and tree-lined paths couldn’t be lovelier than when accompanied by a gentle breeze.

Hotel Navarra Brugge, Belgium
In short, Bruges is even nicer to explore during the summer months.  So pack your summer dress, shorts and sunglasses and get on over to Hotel Navarra.

Our staff promise you a warm welcome to a cool hotel: air conditioned rooms, icy drinks and cocktails served on our private garden / terrace and a swimming pool to plunge into whenever it gets too hot for comfort.


You got it: it doesn’t get more summery than right here at logo

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