A boutique hotel’s stay at the Suites Avenue in Barcelona

This marvelous example of what defines Spanish culture, the unique blend of the traditional Catalonian architecture mixed with a futuristic design, and luxury at its finest, the Suites Avenue hotel in Barcelona is known for being an architectural icon in this fascinating city. The façade of the Suites Avenue is one that defies the eyes so much that even residents of Barcelona are in awe as if it were an object straight from one’s dreams or from another world. It was designed by the acclaimed Japanese architect Toyo Ito. It brings to mind the famous building located across the street – the Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Mila while at the same time it mimics ocean waves. Toyo Ito is a leading exponent of architecture that addresses the contemporary notion of a “simulated” city, and has been called “one of the world’s most innovative and influential architects.” The rest of the hotel was designed by Carlos Bassó and Toni Olaya.

Barcelona is known as one of the world’s most fascinating sites. The warm, Mediterranean climate, the stunning beaches, the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites that date back well over 2000 years, the adrenaline rushing FC Barcelona matches, the list can go on and on of all the things that are in this gorgeous city. Barcelona is a leader in fashion, culture, tourism and by far is a must see place on everyone’s list. There is nothing better than being able to gaze upon historic monuments from different eras, modern skyscrapers in the other direction, and futuristic technology in the hands of everyone. The numerous public transportation services and routes available make Barcelona a great destination that will allow for several days of leisure.

One great aspect of the Suites Avenue is that it manages to satisfy all types of guests, ones who enjoy a one night stay, or those who decide to stay longer in the luxurious tourist apartments. The Suites Avenue manages to use the fascinating views of the architectural wonders of Barcelona to blend with the modern, luxurious interior of all the suites. The tourist apartments are spacious, fully-equipped with top of the line amenities and are designed to make its guests feel just like at home. Furthermore, the tourist apartments blend eclectic, modern furniture with windows that show the steel-bending façade of the Suites Avenue hotel.

There are some sections to see from inside the Suites Avenue that due to the wavy façade, the famous La Pedrera building can be seen from a fish eye’s perspective. From both sides, this is a marvelous blend of the wrought iron decoration and innovative design of the La Pedrera, and the futuristic design of the Suites Avenue hotel. The rooms are divided into 6 different categories, but all have several things in common, elegance, comfort, a great location and an amazing service by the Suites Avenue staff. With 2 outdoor swimming pools overlooking Barcelona’s cityscape and plenty of space to sit back and relax, this is one of Barcelona’s most precious spots.

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