Savoy Hotel in Copenhagen as a Part of a New Cooperation

As of March 1st, the Savoy Hotel has been a part of a new cooperation with the America-based, but originally Italian hotel chain Epoque Hotels. The goal with the cooperation is to open up the Savoy Hotel to a new and larger world through new sales channels and forms of input. Epoque Hotels represents a number of luxurious city hotels all over the world, all of which are not part of larger hotel chains. The organization’s primary function is to take care of their customers’ marketing activities, not just through the traditional channels, but also more innovatively at trade fairs, events and the like. The hotels included in Epoque are divided into two distinct categories: avant-garde and classic. To be able to be considered as a member, the hotels need to fulfill certain criteria. This is not just luxury surroundings, but also an individual character, charm and a central location. An important criterion for Epoque Hotels is that in addition to having a high degree of service and quality, they also reflect the local mentality and atmosphere of the city and country they’re located in. There are only five carefully selected Epoque Hotels in Denmark, all of which are in the centre of Copenhagen.

Savoy Hotel, Copenhagen

Having started 2006 with 240 partners, Epoque Hotels has now reached 350 members that rank among the most trend-setting and luxury-classic boutique hotels and is ready to replicate this astounding achievement in 2013. More information about Epoque Hotels can be found on

About the Savoy Hotel in Copenhagen

The fabulous Savoy Hotel is a unique boutique hotel in the city of Copenhagen. This delicate, recently renovated and beautiful hotel is ideally located in the center of Copenhagen and has a wide selection of rooms that allow to rest and to indulge in fine luxury. The Savoy Hotel also provides a delicious buffet breakfast to be enjoyed in the cozy courtyard that also is overlooked by all the 66 rooms inside the Savoy Hotel.

The Savoy Hotel is located in the center of Copenhagen precisely in the middle of Vesterbro, all while having plenty of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops in the vicinity. The Central Station is only a few minutes away from the Savoy Hotel, and the longest shopping street in the world, the Tivoli and Strøget is also only a few minutes away.

Savoy Hotel, Copenhagen
Savoy Hotel, Copenhagen

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