Red Wall Garden Hotel in Beijing Joins Epoque Hotels’ Boutique Collection

Epoque Hotels is proud to unfold the secrets of the Red Wall Garden Hotel in the influential capital, Beijing. This fascinating piece of luxury and charm with its 40 deluxe rooms and an incredible 4000 square meters of area, the Red Wall Garden Hotel, is a boutique hotel that blends the traditions of ancient China and of the historical hutongs.

The Hutongs are a unique aspect to Beijing. They are the definitive force behind the concept of the Red Wall Garden Hotel. These alleys are formed by the traditional courtyard residences known as Siheyuans The Hutongs and Siheyuans form a unique blend of alleys and streets which in turn are all connected to form many sets of neighborhoods. There is a lot of history and culture when it comes to the Hutongs. All Hutongs carry the essences of the past and have remained to this day and showcase a glimpse into the everyday life of many generations before.

The courtyard of the Red Wall Garden Hotel is like taking a look into the unique past of the marvelous Beijing. The Red Wall Garden Hotel offers a wide variety of delicate selections from the on-site restaurant that ensures that all tastes will be intrigued and satisfied. Unique cooking techniques guarantee an experience that will remain for a lifetime. Along with taste, healthy choices are among many of the important aspects that are put into each individually prepared meal. What better way than to rest assured by having all the amenities that make a stay as perfect and comfortable as possible ranging from the most technologically advanced items to full butler services.

Best of all is that the Red Wall Garden Hotel has the most ideal location in all of Beijing, nearby all the famous and historic landmarks of the ancient capital such as the mysterious Forbidden City that dates back to the 15th century which instantly is associated as the main symbol of Beijing along with the world famous Tiananmen Square. With the numerous temples, gardens, tombs and walls to see, what better way than to travel in between each site using the intensive metro, highway, and other public transportation networks.

With much pride and joy, Epoque Hotels is honored and excited to welcome the Red Wall Garden Hotel to the Epoque Hotels family.


BeiJing Red Wall Garden Hotel

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