Istanbul’s Sumahan on the Water Hotel Launches the new Tapasuma Restaurant

Sumahan on the Water, one of Istanbul’s best-loved luxury boutique hotels, has just launched its new Bosphorus-front contemporary styled restaurant ‘Tapasuma’ in December 2012.

With its name chosen to reflect award-winning Sumahan on the Water‘s beginnings as a 19th-century Ottoman distillery (‘tapa‘ means cork while ‘suma‘ is the first distillation when producing raki, Turkey’s traditional aniseed-flavoured spirit), newly opened Tapasuma serves up top chef Gokay Cakiroglu‘s inspirational Turkish dishes with a contemporary twist in a hyper-stylish setting. Alongside freshly caught seasonal fish from the Bosphorus, Cakiroglu, who has a passion for creating new dishes, presents a menu of lesser-known yet enticing dishes from modern Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. Not to mention the selection of delicious bite-sized Turkish mezzes lined up tapas-style at the restaurant’s 8-metre long “verde calacatta” marble food & drinks bar.

Great for informal lunches and evening meals, as it is for special gatherings and celebrations, Tapasuma is an ultra-chic smart-casual dining venue for watching the sun set over the fabled city of Istanbul. The hotel’s own launch, Sumahan I, will even bring guests from across the Bosphorus directly to the restaurant in the quaint and attractive village of Cengelkoy on the Asian shore. There food-lovers can enjoy views of the timeless Bosphorus as its glitters and changes its hues throughout the day ensconced in Tapasuma’s artfully designed surroundings, very much of the now.

About the Sumahan on the Water Hotel

Located at the very edge of the Bosphorus Straits, the Sumahan on the Water Hotel in Istanbul is a place where paradise is defined. With amazing views in every bedroom, you can see the beautiful Turkish sunrise to prepare you for a day full of Turkish wonder. The Sumahan on the Water Hotel, a member of Epoque Hotels, is located just outside the village of Cengelkoy. It will only take a 30 minute trip to visit all the touristic wonders such as the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, the amazing Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market. Afterwards you can return to the Sumahan Hotel to enjoy an unforgettable dinner near the water.

boutique hotel
boutique hotel

The Sumahan on the Water Hotel makes sure to offer everything that defines Turkish wealth. Each suite or bedroom has a unique style with extraordinary views that can only be seen while staying at the Sumahan on the Water Hotel. Furthermore, the twin level suites include a garden that faces the beautiful Bosphorous strait. In addition, each room has all the amenities that will make you stay a lifetime if it were possible. With air-conditioning, immense bathrooms with Turkish materials such as colognes and towels, a safe deposit box to secure all your personal belongings, a minibar, satellite TV, this is what Mediterranean paradise is all about.

boutique hotel
boutique hotel

The Sumahan on the Water welcomes you to their definition of luxury and leisure. You will for sure return on your next trip to Turkey as every room at the Sumahan on the Water Hotel offers a new experience.

boutique hotel
boutique hotel

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