Spa Verta at Hotel Verta, London, Receives ‘Real Outstanding Spa Hotel’ Award

Spa Verta at Hotel Verta by Rhombus, London, is proud to receive ‘Real Outstanding Spa Hotel’ award at the 2012 Real Critics Guide’s Annual Awards.

The Real Critics Guide’s Awards are internationally recognised. Award recipients are reviewed by experienced independent travellers and fun seekers who sampled among the ‘best’ offers. The Spa Verta team is thrilled to receive this award, as this honour signifies Spa Verta’s excellence and achievement. It would not have been possible without the contribution of each and every team member, collective spirit and the delivery of exceptional guest experiences, which sets Spa Verta apart from the rest.

In addition to Hotel Verta by Rhombus, Rhombus International Hotels Group also manages four award-winning hotels in Hong Kong; Hotel Panorama by Rhombus in Tsimshatsui, Hotel LKF by Rhombus in Central, Hotel de EDGE by Rhombus in Sheung Wan and Hotel Bonaparte by Rhombus in Wanchai; Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel in Mainland China, along with upcoming hotel projects including Hotel Pennington by Rhombus in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong opening in early 2013, Jardine’s Bazzar atnticipated to open in 2014 in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and a newly built hotel at London Heathrow, England scheduled for 2015. Rhombus Group continues to be the premier provider of excellent and versatile hospitality products and services on a worldwide basis.

About Hotel Verta in London

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The fascinating Hotel Verta in London is one of the most unique places to stay at. With a voyage into a timeless room in a timeless city that has kept all its mysteries from the past and continuing to collect mysteries into the future, the Hotel Verta has also created an atmosphere to fit in with the busy lifestyle of London. For this reason, relaxation is a top priority at our boutique hotel Verta.

The Verta Spa is designed to collect all the essences of stress and release them in one blow. The same can be said about the Patrisey restaurant in the Hotel Verta, specializing in traditional British and European cuisine but serving it with a notch of unique views and experiences that can only be discovered at the Hotel Verta.

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When it is time to return to the room, all the finest amenities and the most comfortable furniture with eclectic and unique styles await to be enjoyed. The entire span of London’s history along with what awaits for London is represented in the Hotel Verta, a timeless masterpiece.

The Hotel Verta has an ideal location to make staying in London a wonderful experience. The Hotel Verta is on the south side of the River Thames and with an easy access to the Clapham Junction. Through the use of the Clapham Junction, you can discover all the corners of London. Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the fashion capital Carnaby Street, and Hyde Park are all within reach while staying at the Hotel Verta.

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