Isla Holbox, Mexico

About 100 miles northwest of Cancún, you will find the place called Isla Holbox.  This island counts less than 2,000 people.  It is a spot where you can really relax. The clear blue ocean, the white sands, no stressed out people and not too many tourists. How does this sound to you? Great isn’t it?

Epoque Hotels represent the Casa Sandra Hotel in Isla Holbox.
Casa Sandra is located in the ecological reserve of Yumbalam, an island of Holbox, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico.


It is one of the Mexican fishing villages; it allows local boatmen to earn as much money captivating tourists during the May-to-September whale-shark season as they can catch fish the rest of the year. So you may spot a whale-shark.

Even among Mexicans, Isla Holbox remains terra incognita. Even in Cancún not a lot of people know the existing of this town. There are just a handful of cars and trucks on the island; the taxi rank at the ferry dock is lined. The “airport” is basically a glorified white-sand landing strip neatly bordered with thousands of sun-bleached conch shells. The village of Holbox is nestled on the island’s west end, with a grid of white-sand streets flanked by low houses made of wood and stucco and roofed with thatch, or newer two-story concrete-block buildings decorated with hand-painted murals celebrating local marine life.

Recommendations to go to in Isla Holbox:

-          Los Pelicanos restaurant. You will find here handmade pasta

-          Café Aroma. This is the place to be for your coffee, which is excellent.

-          The Tarpon Club. Here you will get your drinks where you relax with a view at the ocean.

Need a break from your work? Really relax? Have a look at our hotel Casa Sandra and maybe you will find your deal to relax!

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