Epoque Hotels Is Proud to Welcome the Hotel Zuoyouke, China

Located in the ancient city of Xi’an, Epoque Hotels is proud to welcome The Zuoyouke, a fascinating boutique hotel that will have its guests in awe and wonder. Xi’an was one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, in every corner and direction, guests will be able to take a trip into time as all the ancient wonders are a few kilometers away with easy access to them. The Hotel Zuoyouke has an amazing 54 rooms to choose from, the Hotel Zuoyouke is always ready to give a different feel and experience to its guests.

Culture and History is an important foundation to the Hotel Zuoyouke, therefore it is conveniently located 1km from the Tang Dynasty City Wall Relics Park, 200 meters to the New Era Park, 6 km from the Shaanxi History Museum, and 33 km from the Airport and 11.2 km from the railway station for access to see more of China’s beauties.

The Hotel Zuoyouke is welcomed to Epoque Hotels with open arms.

Zuoyouke Hotel

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