Limited Edition Miami Beach – The High End Contemporary Travel Market Place

Beyond Luxury Media carves out new marketplace for high-end contemporary travel with launch of Limited Edition

Serge Dive and Sarah Ball, owners of Beyond Luxury Media Ltd today officially announce the launch of Limited Edition, South Beach Miami. Limited Edition is an innovative new trade show set to shake up the high-end travel industry and is dedicated to the thriving contemporary travel market. Present will be a curated selection of the world’s hottest, on-trend, original, high-end travel suppliers and the world’s most productive travel trade buyers (leisure, media/entertainment, business, corporate and MICE) who have exclusive connections with the ‘Creative Class’ – a new generation of lifestyle tastemakers travelling in a way which is more innovative and sophisticated.

Guest List of exhibitors will include:
Art & Design led Hotels | Couture Palaces | Prestige Boutique Hotels | Entertainment Hotspots | Funky High-Tech Hotels | Luxury Beach Pads | Stylish Snow Retreats | Foodie Hideouts | Spa Voyages | Über Boating | Private Aviation Services | In-The-Know Ground Operators | Cool Venues

Serge Dive, CEO of Beyond Luxury Media and Founder of Limited Edition says: “Our intention with this new show is to respond to the dramatic changes that our industry is facing and be the first to consolidate the high-end contemporary travel market. We want to create a much needed, fresher and more vibrant show that will act as a cure to boring travel and an antidote against large travel trade shows which may sometimes lack focus and still give too much importance to uninspiring and unsurprising suppliers.”
Dive and Ball are the creative minds behind the launch of arguably the world’s two most successful high-end travel markets, International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM – now owned by a global exhibition company) and more recently, PURE Life Experiences (PURE).

About Limited Edition, South Beach Miami:
The inaugural show is taking place on the 10th – 13th June, 2013, South Beach Miami.
Limited Edition is a dedicated marketplace for high-end contemporary travel serving the Creative Class – a target market that already dominates the focus of many high-end travel marketers. And rightly so. Indeed, the Creative Class now represents 30% of the workforce in western societies and is growing by 7% every year* and they are considered to be the driving force behind the world’s innovation, growth and wealth. The shift of affluence and influence from traditional old money customers to the Creative Class is single handedly changing the dynamics of the supply and demand of the high-end travel market.
Serge Dive, has this to say of the Creative Class: “Those in the Creative Class are increasingly turning their backs on traditional luxury travel suppliers often seeing them as too traditional, standardised, conformist and stuffy. They crave the latest travel products and services designed to be unique, on-trend, cultural, design-oriented, personalised, and in tune with the local neighbourhood.”

Limited Edition Miami Beach | 10-13 June 2013 | The High End Contemporary Travel Market Place

The show features a format that is tailored to the needs of those in the industry: a hosted buyer programme, three days of trade show divided between pre-scheduled appointments (chosen individually by each attendee) and free networking time, three networking lunches, two glamorous evening parties and a series of workshops dedicated to new media, new technologies, branding, sales & marketing and design.
Sarah Ball, Co-Founder of Limited Edition says: ‘Limited Edition will adopt a very different strategy in terms of buyer acquisition, responding to the needs of the high-end suppliers dealing with the Creative Class. These suppliers have a profoundly different sales and marketing strategy to the super-sized beach resorts and large ‘cookie-cutter’ traditional luxury hotel chains and to date there hasn’t been anything on the exhibition circuit that really caters for their business needs. This is where Limited Edition comes in. By focusing only on this sector of the market we can be sure that Limited Edition will give them the insight, ideas and contacts they need. There are two dominating constraints at the forefront of their minds: Firstly, just like other luxury brands, they need to be associated with the right kind of crowd (cool, sophisticated yet on-trend, upwardly mobile and wealthy). They therefore need to have specific marketing channels that give them access to this group via trade buyers, event agencies, entertainment companies and the media. Secondly, as they usually have smaller operations with smaller inventories, they have a greater focus on high-end retailers with the view to lower distribution costs. Limited Edition – South Beach Miami will bring to the event the buyers that specifically meet all their needs in terms of image and distribution strategy’.

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