Fora Garden at the Unico Hotel Madrid

A very private garden

The Fora Garden Bar, the secret bar and garden of the Unico Hotel Madrid will open from the 2nd of this month til the end of October. It will be open from Wednesday to Saturday from 18:30 to 23:30. It is easily reachable from the street, without entering the hotel, so is perfect for the general public and also the guests of this five star hotel. It is also great for private parties and events with an expert team totally devoted to make it unforgettable.

The new menu at Fora Garden Bar

Ramón Freixa (two Michelin stars) and his team have designed for Fora Garden Bar a new tapas concept for a light dinner featuring sandwiches, omelettes, quiches, cocas (Mediterranean pizzas), salads and even home made macarons as dessert. All great to be share with your couple or friends in the lounge area in a sofa or in the table area next to the restaurant.

Opening a gin&tonic and cocktail bar

More than 20 gin types and more than 5 types of tonic water will make possible to enjoy a different gin and tonic the almost 180 days that the For a Garden Bar will remain open. A barman will elaborate different creations (witn classic garnish such lemon or juniper or more exotic ones such cinnamon, liquorice or raspberries). Apart from this a great selection of cocktails and drinks will be available.

Live DJ set for the summer nights

The Fora Garden Bar will have live music every Thursday from 19:30 to 22:30. During the rest of the days a good selection on lounge rhythms will be the perfect match for the new tapas and gin and tonic menu.

For more information contact  (34) 91 781 01 73

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