Choosing the Perfect Floral Decoration for a Hotel

When it comes time to order flowers for use in hotel decor, it’s important to make a choice that provides the perfect floral decoration. Aside from being concerned with convenience factors, such as flower delivery, there are other things to think about when planning hotel floral arrangements. Attractive decor makes the hotel lobby and other guest spaces look appealing and feel warm and inviting. Floral arrangements are an important part of creating such a space.

The perfect floral decorations for a hotel complement the rest of the decor and can lend to the celebration of special occasions for guests. When it’s time to order flowers, a few basic considerations can result in the creation of the perfect floral arrangements. These basic considerations can be instrumental when it’s time to make a choice for flower delivery.


Once a guest walks through the doors, the interior of the hotel has the potential to create a world of its own. While the decor of a hotel may be nothing like its outdoor surroundings, hotels located in beautiful areas can capitalize on the beauty of nature and incorporate it into their hotel floral decor.

A hotel in a tropical climate can add tropical flowers and plants to add visual appeal to the hotel lobby, waiting areas and guest rooms. Special flowers found exclusively in this area are especially enjoyed by guests from another area. When scheduling flower delivery, order flowers that are grown locally. Be careful with the selection of fragrant flowers as subtle or no fragrance is best for most guests. In addition to flowers, native plants such as cacti can also make a lovely decoration.

Decor Style

The decor style of the hotel can play a large role when it’s time to order flowers. If the hotel in question is in a historical area or decorated in a historical style, the floral decorations used can complement this theme. Take guests back in time with the incorporation of wisteria, Victorian roses or hydrangea. When it’s time to order flowers, choose flowers that complement or enhance the style with which the hotel is decorated.

Theme-based decor can also benefit from flowers and plants that coordinate with the decor. A modern decor might call for a single unique flower arrangement, rather than a flowing arrangement of flowers. The colors used throughout the decor can also help determine the colors used in the flowers. Colors that blend in with the surroundings provide a floral arrangement that’s subtle, while brighter, bolder colors can make a floral arrangement the focal point.


The season can have a great impact on flower and plant availability. Capitalize on seasonal plants and flowers when decorating the hotel with flower arrangements. During the winter holidays, pine boughs and berry-covered branches can be substituted for the more summery floral arrangements. When spring arrives and guests look forward to the arrival of the season, floral arrangements made with spring flowers such as tulips and hyacinth can contribute toward spring spirit.

Whatever the season, there’s a flower or plant to help usher it in. If the location of the hotel is in a more temperate climate, guests can enjoy the seasons of other locales through the floral decorations arranged throughout the hotel. Creativity and availability are truly the only limitations when it comes to choosing the perfect floral decorations for the season.

Utilize floral design as an effective part of hotel decor. Order flowers that capitalize on the outlined factors and lend to the surroundings of the hotel. Although guests don’t come to a hotel solely to view the flowers, the arrangements present add to their experience, making the hotel more comfortable and visually appealing. Next time flower delivery is scheduled, plan on incorporating one or more of these factors for perfect floral decorations throughout the hotel. Whether they realize it or not, guests will enjoy the beautiful surroundings provided because they contribute toward the relaxation, comfort and luxury of staying at a beautifully decorated hotel.

Using flowers to decorate a hotel lobby or guest rooms is a flexible way to alter the decor. When fresh flowers are needed, changes can be made on a weekly basis to keep the hotel decor fresh and new.

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‘To me there is nothing more beautiful and global as the language of flowers – it is the easiest to understand all around the world in the same way. That is one reason why I truly admire flowers for what they represent in some ways – unity of all mankind!’

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