Epoque Hotels is Proud to Present the Icon Hotel in Prague

Epoques Hotels’ newest member to the collection of exquisite boutique hotels is the Icon Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. The Icon Hotel is a representation of many things that are all blended in one. Culture, History, Beauty, this for sure is also what Prague is all about. The Icon Hotel as an addition to the Epoque Hotels family makes it one of the greatest location in all of Eastern Europe. It is within walking distance to some of Prague’s finest landmarks. The Old town Square is only 10 minutes away. The Weceslas Square, the National Museum are just a few of the many places in Prague which are accessible while staying at the Icon Hotel. You will have also a great opportunity to relax after a long day of sightseeing and seeing the everyday life like a local. There are an amazing 20 Standard rooms, 9 Deluxe rooms and 2 Superia Rooms. All of the rooms have access to some of the finest amenities. There is internet access in all of the Icon Hotel’s rooms, a minibar, even an Espresso Illy café to savor some of the finest cappuccinos at any time. Furthermore, a Flat screen TV with satellite access to watch Czech TV to really absorb Czech daily life is also included.

The Icon Hotel in Prague is going to be one of the finest hotels in the Epoque Hotels collection. We welcome the Icon Hotel with open arms.

boutique hotel Icon Prague

boutique hotel Icon Prague

boutique hotel Icon Pragueboutique hotel Icon Prague

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