Invitation to France – Local French Delicacies

Every region has its own piece of France that all unite to one and define French cuisine. Let’s take a quick guide through some of the most famous of the French cuisines that define certain regions.

Would you like a glass of champagne? You can head over to the Champagne-Ardenne region in the northeastern most part of France. This is the birthplace of the world-famous wine but there is also more attached due to the cultural heritage and its cuisine. Furthermore, there are 8 lakes including the largest man-made lake in Europe, the Lake Der-Chantecoq. Also, the ancient house in Troyes, the Langres and its walls, the Chalons-en-Champagne and its Cloister, and still there are the areas of Epernay, Reims and the Colombey-les-deux-Eglises.

Head over to the Brie region in France to have an elegant glass of Champagne with the famous and delicious Brie cheese. Several of the main towns include the Brie-Comte-Robert, the Chateau-Thierry and the Coulommiers, all with a little piece of France. The Brie forms a plateau and also there are beautiful sceneries that will make a trip to the region a Brie an unforgettable one.

boutique hotelsTo top it all off, enjoy an amazing breakfast eating the famous French Crepes from the region of Brittany. You can enjoy equally everywhere in Brittany especially in the creperie. You can take it to go meanwhile you stroll through the beautiful city of Rennes, or sit in an exclusive restaurant either as a main course or as a dessert.

boutique hotelsThese are just a few hidden secrets of the marvelous country of France. There are endless amount of unique things that originated in France and all have a unique history to it. The only way to really discover is to head over to these regions in France.

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