Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

If you think of Rio de Janeiro, you will immediately think about Carnival.

During the summer period in this beautiful city, there will be a lot of tourists coming to Rio de Janeiro; this is because they want to be part of the greatest show on earth: CARNIVAL.

This is one of the main events of Rio de Janeiro and per year there are thousands and thousands of visitors from all over the world. This event starts on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi-Gras. The dates change every year.

Where this whole event came from is still a mystery.  Most people say that it all started as a superstitious celebration in Rome or Greece. Carnival balls were imported from Italy to the center of Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th century.

The Samba Parade, which is known as the greatest show on earth, began in the early 30′s. Since 1984 this parade is held at the Sambodrome, a location in the downtown area. Today the Samba Parade is broadcast to dozens of countries, and all Brazilian states.

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The dates for 2010 are from February 13 through 16.

Epoque Hotels represent three hotels in Rio de Janeiro. They all can provide you with a special Carnival package.

-          Hotel Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

This hotel is located in Santa Teresa, one of the most picturesque quarters of Rio de Janeiro de Janeiro, with many old mansions from the 19th and 20th century. It has a privileged view over the Guanabara Bay.
The rate during this period is from USD 675, click here to see the Carnival Package

-          Marina All Suites Hotel
Carnival 4 nights package from USD 5.122
Carnival 5 nights package from USD 5.492

Marina All Suites

Marina All Suites

-   Marina Palace Hotel
Carnival 4 nights package from USD2521

Marina Palace

Marina Palace

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