The Best Food Festivals in the World

Tasting local cuisine is the best way to get to know the region’s culture. It is definitely a very pleasant activity.. When is the best time to visit a region to get the most of its delicacies? During the food festivals! They are the greatest moment to enjoy the regional cuisine and forget about every day life while tasting the best of the best products on Earth. Please find the details of the exciting and diverse festivals celebrating foods from every culture throughout the world:

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Maine Lobster Festival: Serving over twenty thousand pounds of lobster over the course of five days, Maine’s Lobster Festival is one of the premier food festivals in the world. Located in the small coastal town of Rockland, the Maine Lobster Festival celebrates Maine’s biggest export by boiling it alive and eating it — delicious. Thousands of volunteers work for the eleven months before the festival preparing for the upcoming activities. The festival includes a big parade, several cooking contests, the Sea Goddess Pageant, road races, arts and crafts, lobster crate races, and of course lots and lots of lobster.

The Good Food and Wine Show: As one of the largest food celebrations in the world, The Good Food and Wine Show is a culinary showcase that spans three cities in South Africa (Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg) over a period of several months. With numerous Chef-in-Action theatres, featuring world renowned celebrity chefs, this festival offers a great learning experience for any food enthusiast or culinary wannabe. Celebrating delicacies special to South Africa, The Good Food and Wine Show highlights the finest of the South African coffee industry in the National Barista Championships. The festival also offers several other food competitions and classes, including a cocktail competition, wine tasting, and organic food forums.

International Mango Festival: While there are several mango festivals that take place throughout the world, the International Mango Festival in India is one of the largest. The festival exhibits more than five hundred different varieties of mangoes grown throughout India, celebrating the unique color, smell and taste particular to the Indian mango. While mangoes are traditionally eaten raw in India, the festival showcases various recipes from notable Indian chefs. Involving all things mango, the festival’s events include a mango eating competition, mango slogan writing, mango carving, and mango quizzes. If you’re not a huge mango fan then this is certainly a festival you can skip. For those who relish the small succulent fruits, visit the International Mango Festival to taste one-of-a-kind mango jams, pickles, fruit juices, and more.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival: Visitors from all over the world gather alongside island locals on the beaches of Hawaii for this festival of arts, food, and drinks to celebrate all things coffee. Since the early eighteen hundreds coffee has been cultivated in the Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona Coffee is now one of the most highly regarded and expensive coffee blends in the world. This coffee festival generally lasts just under two weeks in the beginning of November. The festival boasts a variety of events, including pageants, tours, workshops, lectures, parades, tastings, competitions, dinners, art exhibits, and live entertainment. Hosting almost twenty thousand visitors each year, people from all over the world flock to the Island for its spectacular beauty, rich history, and outstanding caffeinated brews.

The International White Truffle Festival: The white truffle has a rich history in Italy and throughout the world. Found most famously in the countryside of the Italian city of Alba, Italian white truffles are highly esteemed in the culinary world. The International White Truffle Festival in Italy is typically held between September and December each year. This festival celebrates all aspects of the glorious tuber. Famous chefs from all over the world incorporate white truffle elements into their masterpieces, giving their dishes added elegance and flavor. However, because white truffles have such a pungent taste and are so rare, they are used sparingly in the culinary world. The Italian festival celebrates the existence of this culinary gem with events dedicated to the white truffle. Auctions take place each year, selling the truffles for thousands of dollars apiece. Any gastronomist should seek this festival to enrich their culinary repertoire.

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