STEM: A Bespoke Service Empowering Privately Owned, Boutique Hotels Around the World

Robert van Eerde launches STEM™ – a bespoke “hands-on” support service focusing on the task of empowering privately owned, boutique hotels around the world.
The mission of STEM™ is to assist and support hotel owners and managers in every aspect of hotel management. The experienced STEM™ team works “hands-on” with owners, management and staff in ways that are measurable and accountable to assist with operations, openings and repositioning, capital investment planning, seasonal and relief management and emergency.


From one-time problem-solving to managing the entire hotel operation more efficiently, consistently and smoothly, STEM™ offers a comprehensive range of services. STEM™ is able to take on the “head office” functions that boutique hotels may have limited experience in. Offering a flexible system so hoteliers can call on its services in the required areas – a cost effective alternative to calling in support independently -  STEM™’s goal is to maximise available resources and reach ownership’s revenue and other targets in the most efficient and timely manner possible.
Robert van Eerde, with over 23 years of experience in the hotel industry, has spotted a gap in the market for a flexible, cost efficient service that provides boutique hotel owners with an independent strategic offering executed by highly experienced professionals, that can be employed to achieve specific objectives.
This new venture is a particularly attractive service taking into consideration the vulnerability of small independent hotels during times of economic downturn. Hoteliers will have faced huge challenges to meet targets over the past couple of years and STEM™ is a unique offering which can help hotels minimise the impact of an unpredictable market.

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For each client a measurable strategic “roadmap” is created and executed. The bespoke roadmap will include objectives, timelines, likely costs and a framework for how the team will operate at the property. As part of the roadmap, STEM™ will carry out a specifically designed “stem quality check”™ prior to commencing the project to measure the performance of their property against objective criteria.

STEM™ has already formed an association with Epoque Hotels, the innovative, luxury hotel collection which has over 340 design hotels in its collection and is rapidly establishing itself as the leading reference in boutique hotels. The objective of Epoque Hotels is to bring hotel recognition through a very strong website (, key trade shows, speciality events, sales visits, e-newsletters, press releases and strong branding.

Stem and Epoque Hotels both share a vision of supporting boutique hotels and can therefore provide an all round service covering every aspect of Boutique Hotel Management. Stem is providing Epoque Hotels with preferential services at a better value to all its members.

Epoque Boutique Hotels

Epoque Luxury Boutique Hotels

Robert has worked with notable brands including, Pelican Hotel and SOHO Beach House in Miami Beach and Sanctum SOHO and Eastern Quay in London. He says “The hospitality industry can be hugely unpredictable and both revenue and reputation can be affected by a number of external factors independent of the quality of the product. STEM™ is here to support hotel owners and management teams to ensure the success of the property in the short and long term.”


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