EME Catedral Hotel: Experience Luxury in Andalusia

Article by Stefano Maranzana, published in Class Lifestyle Magazine, Winter 2011

EME Catedral Hotel in Seville epitomizes avant-garde and urban luxury. This eclectic boutique hotel, a member of the Epoque Hotels Collection, has a distinctive design that embraces both the past and the present. The concept of EME Catedral Hotel is intentionally inspired by the Moorish architecture of the Giralda, the bell tower of Seville’s Cathedral that stands right in front of the hotel.

Built in 1184-96, the Giralda was the pinnacle of Almohad architecture and it is considered the most graceful of the three great Almohad minarets left: the other two being in Rabat and Marrakesh, Morocco. As an homage to the intricate Moorish patterns that embellish the Giralda, many such elaborate details can be found throughout the EME Catedral Hotel. These forms are also present in its eccentric and postmodern lobby that, by deliberately representing classical Roman Catholic motifs, tells the story of the centuries-long coexistence of Arab and Christian civilizations that distinguishes Andalusia’s history.

EME Catedral Hotel Seville

Modern luxury is redefined in EME Catedral Hotel’s 60 unique guestrooms.  They are wonders of simplicity with bare walls in natural, earthy hues and refined furnishings. A contemporary and chic atmosphere prevails in other areas of the hotel as well. A trendy rooftop terrace and outdoor swimming pool provides a panoramic view of Seville’s skyline. DeSPAcio, the Spa at EME Catedral, pampers the guests with luxury treatments, including an indoor pool, Bali treatments, therapeutic massages and natural cosmetics.

EME Catedral Hotel Seville

The EME Catedral offers a variety of gastronomical choices. The EME’s Santo restaurant and cocktail bar combines high-quality Mediterranean cuisine with the culinary artistry of six-Michelin-star chef Martín Berasategui. With its glass floors, the EME’s Santo restaurant also provides guests with the thrilling sight of the 1st century ancient Roman baths that rest under the hotel. When the weather is mild, the Santo Terrace restaurant and bar offers breathtaking views of the Cathedral and Giralda. In a young and eclectic atmosphere, the Japo restaurant serves Japanese food, while those who prefer traditional fare can indulge in the famous Spanish tapas at the laid-back Milagritos.

EME Catedral Hotel Seville

The Epoque Hotels Collection offers an unbeatable loyalty program, Club Epoque that allows to earn money towards the next reservation. Upon checking out of the hotel, members will have another 6% of the total room price added to their bank. When reaching at least 50 USD, Club Epoque Members will be able to start using your bank. For more information visit EpoqueHotels.com.  

EME Catedral Hotel Seville


EME Catedral Hotel Seville

EME Catedral Hotel

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