New Epoque Hotel: Cavalier Village, Shanghai

A new entry in the Epoque Family: the Cavalier Village, Shanghai is a place where tranquility meets with modern luxury, with all possibilities for your creation. Welcome to the unique contemporary Boutique B&B Cavalier Village.

This boutique hotel introduces a typical Chinese style residence, located inside the fashion CBD of Shanghai. Cavalier Village presents the characteristic designer’s idea of depot-style space, historical materials, original furniture and contemporary artworks. In a characteristic Chinese building in the west area of Shanghai, a senior designer took more than 5 years with constant improving, created an astounding space with all historical wooden materials.

cavalier village shanghai 2
Cavalier Village Shanghai

Boutique B&B Cavalier Village is an Epoque Clasic Comfort Hotel in No. 3329 Hongmei Road, Dibao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai

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