La Duquesa Restaurant Barcelona and its New Autumn Season Program 2010

La Duquesa Restaurant in La Duquesa de Cardona Hotel Barcelona, a historic  boutique hotel in the city center in front of the harbour of Barcelona, during the new fall season schedule will feature jazz evenings and the opera lyric life. The original structure of this restaurant helps to create a unique atmosphere and a special acoustic that are particularly suitable for this kind of event.

People who live in Barcelona know that Hotel Duquesa de Cardona as a hotel is very much involved with music. The former stables of a 19th century Barcelona palace, La Duquesa restaurant is today an extraordinary space with high ceilings, wide arches, frescos painted on the walls with roman motives, lamps and baroque chairs from the designer Philip Starck and stone stairway that are reminiscent of the history of this palace. It was once owned by one of the most well known aristocratic families in Catalona: the Cardonas.

Live Jazz

Within a natural blend in the world of Jazz, during every Friday and Saturday evenings, listen to your favorite Broadway songs, Hollywood Golden Age and Pop music be played by the unique “The Piano Has Been Drinking Jazz Trio”. Immerse yourself in an alternative environment that takes your favorite sounds and transforms them into a world where the piano, bass and vocals sooth your sense of hearing.

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Lyric Opera Dinner

While enjoying an exclusive Mediterranean cuisine, you are welcomed to get immersed with the great sounds of the Lyric Opera Dinner show. In between each course and at the end of the meal, your taste buds will be enhanced with the musical selection by the Soprano Mireia Dolc, Baritone Ulises Orduñez and by the pianist Xavier Dolc. Enjoy a wide selection of songs such as La Traviatta, O sole mio, Barcelona and Il maestro campanone.

Calender: 22nd October, 12th November, 17th December

22nd October Menu

Appetizers Chef


Watermelon Salad with foie and Pedro Jiménez reduction


Monkfish Grilled Medallion with rosemary and garlic quince mayonese


Filet Minyon with truffle sauce and steamed vegetables with nut butter


Strawberry Soup with Vanilla ice cream and almonds on cinnamon cookie

Mineral water, white and red wine and coffee

Price: 50 € per person

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