Madrid Hotel Kicks Off its Fifth Anniversary Commemoration


The Halloween decoration is part of a program of several celebrations that include various thematic works of the facade for the coming months in celebration of its fifth anniversary.

The Hotel Meninas Madrid is one of the few around the world which, in the coming days, has displayed Halloween themed decor in its facade, which is actually one of the most unique aspects of this hotel. It is the beautiful facade of a building dating from the end of the 19th century. The Halloween façade at the Meninas can be seen at 7 Campomanes Street, near the Royal Palace.

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The Hotel Meninas is a building whose date is listed as 1860, six floors high, with its distinctive wrought iron balconies in Madrid, which have now been decorated with Halloween pumpkins. The hotel’s usual illumination has been temporarily turned off, and only has dim lights coming from inside the pumpkin. The surprise result in architectural, color and emotional for all visitors. An original idea that starts the program of the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the hotel.

The theme also extends into the inside of the establishment, to surprise and entertain its visitors, and some team members will wear costumes, such as demons, dark emperors … Even the Director, Pedro Alonso, surprised its guests by wearing costume! Also inside it was decorated with motifs and haunting music for the most fun, most mysterious night of the year.

Everyone had a lot of fun.

“It’s a fun idea we encourage our customers and the entire team Meninas. We wear masks and costumes to ward off evil witches and evil spirits and to quench the thirst of our vampires will have at its disposal, both in the bar and reception, a tempting jars of delicious fresh blood. I think we have a good time. In addition, the facade is beautiful and gives a very unique look to the whole street, “says hotel director, Pedro Alonso, who is already coming up the next themed for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. A unique initiative to celebrate the fifth anniversary of one of the most unique hotels in Madrid.

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The Boutique Hotel Meninas Madrid has managed to become five years since its opening in one of the most unique and charismatic of the capital, much appreciated by both national as international customers. The main reason for success is the concept of nearby hotel, with just 37 rooms, with a very warm, personal service, which is regarded by its clients as their “home.” The Meninas has been voted the best hotel Madrid recommended by TripAdvisor, the largest and most influential online community of world travelers, with more than 25 million visitors a month.

The Hotel Meninas is integrated into the group that includes the Hotel Opera, one of the classics of Madrid, with 46 years of history and has been completely renovated, and the famous restaurant El Café de la Opera, which offers nightly Waiters-lyrical show A Cena Singing Singers ®.
Our Halloween decoration kicks off the theme that we will be repeating at Christmas and St. Valentine’s day as well.

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