Why Does Airplane Food Taste So Bad?

From our own experience, we know that the food which is served on board does not have any taste and lacks a flavor. The scientist at the University of Manchester, England and the Unilever laboratories discovered the reason of this phenomenon. Namely, the study showed that more noise equals less sweet. Scientists have figured out that airplanes are just too loud for food to taste good. The higher the noise, the less sweet or salty the food is, but the greater its crunchy texture. In general, it is not that the airplane food tastes bad. Airlines have made several efforts to improve the food on board by adding more sugar or salt and seasonings as well. Nevertheless, they would be more successful if they figure out a way to make the engines work silently.

In this study, which was comparatively small, 48 participants were blindfolded and were provided with earphones that were either fairly loud or totally quiet. Afterwards they were given different kinds of food, like potato chips, cookies and salty food, and asked to evaluate if they liked the food and how intense the flavors were. Apparently, if the background noise is strong, this catches the passengers’ attention and the food has fewer flavors. The saltiness and sweetness levels went down.

Since the number of people that were tested was low, the experiment should take place again to be certain about the results. However, we can say that the results were remarkable. It seems that whether we are satisfied with food or not, it depends on how much we like what we hear.

We asked some colleagues who travel a lot by plane. They actually admitted that while being on board they put more sugar in their tea/coffee than they do at home. If loud noise can affect how we perceive food, probably the best meals you can have are to be taken in monasteries! Would you like to share your comments with us?

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