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Today, we start a new series about Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark. You can read about the places that make Copenhagen a wonderful city to visit and to live in. Who did we ask for advice? We asked those, of course, who love living in the city!

Here are some tips on what to do in Copenhagen according to Maria Leve, the Reception Manager. Next week we invite you to visit our site for more recommandations!



Café Alma, Isafhordsgade 5-7, 2300 Copenhagen S, Tel: 32543204

Price level: Brunch: 70 – 130 Dkr. incl. beverages! Lunch/dinner: 75 – 150 Dkr.

Atmosphere: Cozy and local! It is possible to sit outdoors if the weather is for it. Sniff the quite special local atmosphere of the inhabitants of ’Bryggen’ – the wharf!

Particularly good dishes: Sandwich & brunch.

Other plusses: Very local, almost no tourists! You may at the same time offer yourself a fresh morning walk along the beautiful wharf, ”Islands Brygge”

Particularly good dishes: Known for their homemade picnic baskets filled with Italian specialties!

Other plusses: The attractive ’King’s Garden’ – Kongens Have – is right across the street if you wish to enjoy your picnic there on a summer day!


Sushitarian, Thorshavnsgade 16, Copenhagen S, Tel: 32570606

Price level: The cheapest main course is  235 Dkr.

Atmosphere: You feel as if you were at a restaurant in New York! Funky modern restaurant!

Particularly good dishes: Nigiri sushi with today’s caviar 600 – 900 Dkr.

Other plusses: Genuine Japanese sushi chefs from New York & California!


Kokkeriet, Kronprinsessegade 64, Copenhagen C, Tel: 33152777

Price level: Menu of 6 courses: 650 Dkr.

Atmosphere: Bright and lovely atmosphere with big windows and a view of the street life.

Particularly good dishes: The menu! (Not much à la carte). Therefore, you should not be fastidious but ready to experience new tastes!! (I recommend the wine menu Dkr. 650 for the menu!)

Other plusses: Kokkeriet is both a catering company, a chefs’ school, and a  gourmet restaurant! So, they make extra efforts for the presentation to be at the very top!


- Det Lille Aphttp, Kannikestræde 15,  Copenhagen C, Tel: 33125606

Price level: Lunch: 125 Dkr. Dinner: 150 – 200 Dkr.

Atmosphere: 100% Danish and very, very cozy! You feel you have landed in the old Copenhagen! Some of Denmark’s most famous artists have had their regular table here, among them H.C. Andersen & Ludvig Holberg.

Particularly good dishes: Set lunch (like in the good old days). Stone beef, which is served on hot glowing stones.

Other plusses: The oldest restaurant in Copenhagen! Close to Hotel Alexandra in the Latin quarter!


- Storm P Museet, Frederiksberg Runddel, Frederiksberg. Tel. 33 86 05 23

Primary exhibition or genre: Other.

Atmosphere: If you know and like the Danish black-and-white artist and  humorist Storm P – this is clearly worth a visit. You get into a good mood and have a good laugh while at the same time getting closer to the man, Storm P.

Other plusses: At the same time, you might take a walk in the beautiful park, Frederiksberg Have!


- Thorvaldsens Hus, Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads 2, Copenhagen C, Tel. 3321532

Primary exhibition or genre: Art museum.

Atmosphere: You feel as if you were in classical Antiquity.

Other plusses: A nicely quiet and peaceful place to walk arouond and enjoy the atmosphere! You get away from a busy day and may ”dream” away in fantastic surroundings!


- Louisiana (Modern Art Museum), Gl. Strandvej 13,  Humlebæk

Primary exhibition or genre: Modern art

Atmosphere: It is necessary to take a 45 min. train ride from the Central Station if you want to visit Louisiana. In return, the trip is worth every penny! You get out to see a bit of the nature that surrounds our capital, as well as Louisiana’s phantastic exhibits, nature, and location.

Other plusses: Experience a smaller town in the neighbourhood of Copenhagen and its atmosphere and marvellous view over the Sound. Open until 10 pm. Tuesday – Friday.



- Amager Strandpark Amager Strandvej,  Copenhagen

Atmosphere: Both beach, ”laguna”, the possibility of kayak sailing, cycling, roller skating, swimming, and pure relaxation on the beach! Northern part of the beach: very characteristic nature. Southern part: ”City part” with an esplanade.

Other plusses: Beautiful view of the Øresund bridge and the Øresund coastline over to Sweden.

Frederiksberg  Have (Garden), Frederiksberg Rundel, Frederiksberg

Atmosphere: A wallk in Frederiksberg Garden, which is designed as a garden of the romantic style. You have here a view of Frederiksberg Castle, The Chinese Summerhouse from 1799, the Apis temple from 1802, Kildegrotten, Ønskehøjen, and Schweizerhuset from 1801. Buildings that are meant to be pure stimulation for your imagination.

Other plusses: Very, very beautiful, and it is possible to sail on the canals in the summertime. In the winter, one may skate at Frederiksberg Runddel!



Copenhagen is the capital that is surrounded by the most areas of natural beauty, which provide great opportunities for cycle rides. You will find a map of all routes both in and outside the city at the Tourist Information Office, Vesterbrogade 3, Copenhagen V (straight across from the Tivoli main entrance). Ask at the reception of the Alexandra Hotel about cycle rentals!

Recommendation: Cycle ride on the coastal road Valby – Køge. One may stop and turn around whenever, and if the weather allows it, one rides past one beach after the other. A fresh plunge or a couple of hours’ relaxation on the beach is certainly a possibility! Should you stop at the harbors, you may no doubt enjoy a good, typical Danish lunch with shellfish and fish fillets!

Good plusses: Fantastic nature, good exercise, and you can get a good colour if the sun is shining.



- Boutique Lize, Enghave Plads 6, Copenhagen V, Tel.: 33 31 15 60
Price level: Medium.

Atmosphere: Cozy and intimate, music not louder than possible to talk together! Cocktail bar

Particularly good cocktails: Really good at making cocktails! Be aware that there may be queues at the entrance!


- Bang & Jensen, Istedgade 130, Copenhagen V, Tel: 33 25 53 18

Price level: Medium.

Atmosphere: Quite likely Vesterbro’s most cozy café/bar!

Particularly good cocktails: Good cocktail, but draught beer is the specialty of the place!

Other plusses: On Saturday nights, the place changes into ”Ingrids Cocktailbar”, while the DJ plays electronic jazz.


- Kulby, Oehlenslægersgade 53 A, Copenhagen V

Price level: Medium

Atmosphere: Local bar, small, hang-out bar, a good place to start, where the music is not so loud that one cannot talk together.

Particularly good cocktails: Not a cocktail bar! Simple drinks & special beer. Try for instance ”Rekordelig” a Swedish cider!

Other plusses: Near many other great go-out places!



- Islands Brygge (local area behind the waterfront)

Price level: Medium.

Atmosphere: Small local clothes designers, galleries, children’s clothes, and art can be found here! Not many tourists, but a lot of local life!

Other plusses: Local atmosphere and local cafés!  A good idea is to combine a walk on the waterfront, a Café visit, & shopping as the shops are few but good!


- Istedgade/Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen V

Price level: Right from low to high!

Atmosphere: A mix of Danish designers, trendy shops, ethnics, antiques, and galleries!

Other plusses: Parallel to Vesterbrogade, where the ordinarily known  ”chains” are found.


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