The Giraffe Women in Thailand

Have you ever thought about such a thing as how long your neck is? Have you ever measured it? We are sure you would not be able to compete with the women of the Padaung tribe…

The women from the Padaung tribe (Yan Pa Doung) are known as women with long necks or as giraffe women. Padaung is the group whose women wear ornaments known as neck rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck. These coils make the women look like a dragon,  which is an important figure in Kayan folklore. The coils protect them from tiger bites, more symbolically than literally.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s many people from this tribe escaped to the Thai border area, because of the military regime in Birma. They live there with an uncertain legal status.

There is a belief that if a woman does not wear a brass neck coil she can love more than one man, if she has one on, she can love only one. There is a legend that if a woman is unfaithful, a brass coil is taken off and her neck is broken. However, it is only a legend. They take the neck rings off once every two – five years not as a punishment though, but in order to add another part to their brass coils so that their necks get longer. They do not take them off neither during the night nor while taking a bath. They start wearing them when they turn around five years old and are dressed in them until the end of their lives. It is the parents who decide whether to put the rings on their daughters’ necks or not. It is said that women wearing the neck rings are more attractive for men. The first ring weighs around 1kg. As a result, their weight may be around 10 kg!

Ironically, the women from the Padaung tribe are not the necks but the heads of the families. They cook, do the housework, earn money and take children to school.

People believe that their necks are lengthened. However, it is only an illusion as the stretched neck is created by the deformation of the clavicle. A Padaung woman of marriageable age will probably have had her neck extended by about 25 centimeters.

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