Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong as a Leading Smoke-free Hotel

Stay 100% free from second and third hand smoke Enjoy an Oasis within the Business Epicenter

(Hong Kong, July 27, 2010) As a growing number of travelers are more concern about having a healthy and smoke-free environment, effective August 1, 2010, Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong goes 100% smoke-free in all guest rooms and indoor areas, making it the first 4-star smoke-free hotel in Hong Kong.

An oasis found in the hustle and bustle

Located within the hectic business and entertainment area of Causeway Bay and Wan Chai, Cosmo Hotel visions the indispensable need of providing a health-conscious and smoke-sensitive environment for global travelers. The hotel understands that offering a choice of smoking/non-smoking room is no longer adequate as third hand smoke – the residue of tobacco smoke that settles in the air even after a cigarette has been extinguished – affects human health on an equal level. Considering this, Cosmo Hotel decides to make 100% smoke-free in all guest rooms and indoor areas, yet the outdoor Breeze is still available for smokers, and become an oasis within the busy jungle, hoping to contribute a piece of smoke-free wonderland. “Providing our guests absolute comfort is always the aim we strive to achieve. Now with this new measure, we guarantee our guests the best quality of an environment to stay in. We see ourselves as a smoke-free zone within the busy-happening jungle just as an oasis in a dessert” said Anita Chan, General Manager of Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong.

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Being socially responsible for all guests and staff

Since all hotel rooms share the same ventilation system and central air conditioning unit, the fact is particles infused with smoke are unavoidably transferred throughout the hotel via air circulation. With this in mind, Cosmo Hotel finds it necessary to implement a 100% smoke-free policy so as to ensure its guests a perfect staying environment. Benefits extend not only to guests but hotel staff since their working environment is now greatly improved.

Cosmo Hotel, Hong Kong

Hotel Deals

Cosmo Hotel in Hong Kong is a hip boutique hotel that surpasses the traditional hotel model thanks to its sleek interior, colour-coded rooms and ultra-modern amenities. A masterpiece of style, the fresh Cosmo Hong Kong Hotel is a 23-storey, hotel which attractiveness lies on the clever use of colours in its sleek décor. A surprising dash of soft orange originates from the reception area in the Lobby, producing a dramatic centre of attention. All the guestrooms and bathrooms are colour-coded in acridine orange, modo-green or pastel yellow. Reminiscent of the sixties, the wallpaper in the orange and green rooms blends seamlessly with the overall trendy, modernist design of the hotel. Cosmo Hotel in Hong Kong also features The Nooch Bar which offers the most buoyant and chic experience in town with award-winning cocktails, crystal decoration,

and live music performances.

Deals for Cosmo Hotel, Hong Kong


Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong is located in the main business district, right on the junction of the popular Hong Kong shopping area “Causeway Bay” and the lively commercial quarter “Wan Chai”. Times Square mega shopping mall and the MTR underground train Causeway Bay station are within an eight-minute walk from the hotel. – View Location Map.

General Information:

Category: Avantgarde Comfort [learn more]
Address: 375-377 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong [view map]
Type: Boutique Hotel
Best Rate: 77 USD [View Calendar]
Total Rooms: 142
Languages Spoken by Staff: English, French, ,
Download full info [↓]

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  1. Pia says:

    Hi. I like travel in Asia but now i stay in Phuket in a guesthouse but i want to see some more place like Hong Kong.
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  2. mehtab says:

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  3. mehtab says:

    I really like Cosmo Hotel in Hong Kong because it is smoke free hotel.
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  4. That’s nice. It’s true, it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of smoke residue. Is it tough to enforce a smoking ban in Asia?

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  7. jackson says:

    That is very nice to free non smoking hotel. smoking is not good for human .

  8. Rane says:

    Smoking is not good to our health and it is so annoying to see people smoking anywhere especially in the crowded place. It is so nice to have smoke free zone and it’s so also nice to note that there are some hotels in the world that cares for their visitors.

  9. ginny says:

    There’s a lot of nice hotel in Hongkong especially this one smoke-free…
    Great blog!

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