Interesting Points To Visit In Isabela Island – the largest island of the Galápagos

Courtesy of boutique hotel La Casa de Marita, here are some tips on what to do in Isabela Island. In Isabela Island you can visit many places, the most important tours are:

Sierra Negra Volcano – Sulphur mines

This volcano has the second biggest crater in the world; you can get there by foot or horseback.

The Tintoreras

At very short distance from Puerto Villamil is the Las Tintoreras Islet called like that because there is a chasm of quiet water were often rest the while fin sharks known as “Tintoreras”. You can go snorkeling in a place indicated for this activity; you can also see penguins here.

The Tunnels

At 40 minutes by boat from Puerto Villamil, you can enjoy a magic place named “The Tunnels”, in this place you can go snorkeling and see sharks, iguanas, turtles, sea lions many colourful fishes.

Mirador del Mango

From the top of the highest hill and if the day is clear, you can get a wonderful view of the entire southern part of Isabela and its nearby islands or even other islands like Floreana and Santa Cruz.

Wall of Tears

This place located near Puerto Villamil and provides an option for those visiting tourists who stay in town. This is a historic site in Isabela because during the years 1946 to 1959 there was a Penal Colony in this islands, during which to punish the prisoners they were forced to built a wall with huge blocks of lava about 100 meters long by 7 meters height. You can reach the upper wall of tears through a few steps from where you can have a panoramic view of the place. In the place you can still see the concrete bases where the Americans had their wooden houses in the Second World War.

La Casa de Marita Hotel, Galapagos

Hotel DealsSituated on Isabella Island, “La Casa de Marita Hotel” offers the visitor a unique land base perspective on Galapagos. Visitors can observe the majority of Galapagos endemic wildlife, knowing that the comforts of La Casa de Marita from which a variety of day trips can be organized, await them at the end of every day. La Casa de Marita’s seeks to combine all of the traditional qualities of an international standard hotel, such as comfort, privacy, and service with the family atmosphere of a large vacation home of the Italian countryside.

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Located in Puerto Villamil, the only village on the island, which is surrounded by the National Park. La Casa de Marita is very close to the beach and has incomparable sea view. The hotel is the starting point of all excursions. – View Location Map.

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Best Rate: 85 USD [View Calendar]
Total Rooms: 16
Languages Spoken by Staff: English, German, Italian, Spanish
Credit Cards Accepted: MASTERCARD, VISA, DINERS
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