Archaeology Museum (Arkeoloji Müzesi), Istanbul

The Archaeology Museum of the 2010 European Capital of Culture is one of the most fascinating museums in the world and definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Istanbul. One of the unique historical objects in this museum is the Alexander Sarcophagus.
For years it has been thought that one of the sarcophagi showcased in this museum held the remains of Alexander the Great, the impressive leader who marched from Macedon conquering every land he and his army came across until he invaded India.
The so called Alexander Sarcophagus is a late 4th century B.C. stone sarcophagus  decorated with high-relief friezes of Alexander the Great. It was found in the mid-1800s in Sidon, a port city about 25 miles south of Beirut whose rich history dates to 4000 B.C., and was among the most successful of the Phoenician city-states. Alexander conquered Sidon in 332 B.C.

In the first panel of the sarcophagus Alexander is depicted in the battle of Issus in 333 B.C., the critical moment when Alexander crushed Persia for primacy in Asia Minor, and in a lion chase. In the opposite frieze, Alexander and other men are hunting a lion.

In reality, archeologists have established that the sarcophagus was created for a Seleucid king, that is one of the descendents of the heirs  of the Macedonian Empire. Nevertheless the artistic beauty of historical monument is massive and makes it for a wonderful visit.

Address: Arkeoloji Müzesi
Osman Hamdi Bey Yokusu
Sultanahmet Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 5207740

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