Introducing Club Epoque: Epoque Hotels New Loyalty Program

Bank your reservations in the best boutique hotels in the world

Epoque Hotels announces its new Loyalty Program called Club Epoque.

For every reservation made, Club Members earn money towards their next reservation.

Every time you make a reservation on, Epoque Hotels will give you money back! Each time you check out of an Epoque Hotel, you will have another 6% of the total room price added to your bank. Once you accrue at least 50 USD, you’ll be able to start using your bank. You can make reservations using the banked money and apply it directly to the reservation. It’s like having a gift card whenever you want it!

boutique hotel loyalty program 1 Epoque Hotels

In brief:

  • You register with Club Epoque
  • You make a reservation at one of our hotels
  • You stay at the hotel
  • We give you 6% of your stay* back, to your Epoque Bank
  • You earn money and use that money towards future stays
  • You can buy more bank to bolster your existing amount

In addition, you can gift your bank to someone else, giving them access to a deeply discounted trip. Or, you can buy bank, so that you can have more savings on your next trip or a trip you give as a present. Remember, you can save what’s in your bank to use whenever you want, wherever you want. And, with no blackout dates, you’re always able to use your bank for exactly the hotel stay you want, when you want.

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To view the Terms and Conditions of Club Epoque, please visit

*Qualifying reservations are completed stays, do not include taxes and do not include extras. All amounts will be converted to US Dollars. All reservations must be verified by the hotel and can take up to 45 days to be approved; until the reservation has been approved by the hotel, points will be considered as pending.

Boutique Hotels Loyalty Program Epoque Hotels

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  1. Diana DE STEFANO says:

    How to I go about joing CLub Epoque?
    I am interested.

    Kind regards,

    D. De STefano

  2. Stefano says:

    Hello Diana and thank you for your inquiry. All the information is listed here
    and the signup link is here:

    Thank you and All the Best


  3. Mr.BO CHEN says:

    I like the hotel.good!

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