As Janelas Verdes One of the 101 World’s Best Hotels by Tatler Magazine

As Janelas Verdes a boutique hotel that belongs to Heritage Hotels has just earned another distinction this time by Tatler Magazine, the only Portuguese hotel to take part in this annual list of the 101 Best Hotels of the World in this British magazine.

This 2010 edition of the Tatler Travel Guide, once more distinguishes a spectrum of hotels worldwide that are “simply united by being brilliant at what they do”.

This unit from this 100% Portuguese chain also earned the recognition by being in prominence in the “Secret Address” section.

The Tatler Magazine gives this prize to As Janelas Verdes, an 18th century palace with a library overlooking the Tagus River and next to the Ancient Art Museum, simply because it offers a “discreet, quiet-stay for nose-tapping in-the-knowness”.

Every year the Tatler magazine publishes its Travel Guide, where it detaches the 101 best hotels worldwide, although over the past few years what everyone seeks in a hotel has shifted considerably. According to this publication the hotels that are “hot on the trail of originality and experience”, are the privileged ones, the “overly manicured are suspicious”. Presently the discerning crowd prefers the small and eclectic hotels; the “good taste” takes part in the list of preferences, after a period of euphoria, ostentation and waste.

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