Mapping the Beaches in Buzios

The appeal of Buzios is mostly due to its fantastic praias, or beaches, stretches of sand large and small within a few kilometers of the old town. Because the peninsula has an irregular topography, each beach is set off from the other and the result is that they all have a distinctive personality, making it going to the beach a very varied occasion. Manguinhos beach is protected from the heavy surf, and therefore many learn to sail and windsurf in this location.  Geribá beach is a stunning long tract of sand in front of the open ocean and is thus preferred for surfing and windsurfing. Closer to the town is Ferradura or Horseshoe beach, with peaceful, crystal-clear waters that makes it ideal for snorkeling. Olho de Boi or Bull’s Eye beach is a beautiful small beach tucked away on its own at the far end of an ecological reserve. Being so secluded, Bull’s Eye is the best naturist beach in Buzios. João Fernandes and João Fernandinho beaches instead are lively places filled with colorful beachside cafes and bustling with people.

The Peninsula of Buzios

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