Grand Hotel Damier joins Epoque Hotels on 01.01.10

Grand Hotel Damier (Proud member of Historic Hotels), a legendary, unique boutique & lifestyle hotel (a living legend since 1398 !), ideally situated in the historic city center of trendy Kortrijk (Flanders/Belgium) joins Epoque Hotels on 1st of January 2010.

The oldest document that makes reference to the Damier hotel dates from 1398. It mentions a Herberg de Scaek (called “damier” in French) where travelers could quench their thirst, satisfy their hunger and find a bed of straw. The inn’s name was adapted and changed repeatedly over the centuries. The name “damberd” (draught board) emerged for the first time in the 17th century. This Flemish name was changed into “damier” in 1795 during the period of French rule. A few years after the introduction of this name the building’s facade was renovated for the last time. Today, its magnificent rococo style dating from those times is considered one of the finest architectural assets of Kortrijk. The hotel was built around a courtyard garden, according to the tradition of Grand Hotels. During its long, illustrious history, the Damier regularly welcomed members of Royal families, celebrities and politicians. Victor Hugo, President Georges Bush Sr., Lady Margaret Thatcher, IOC President Jacques Rogge, Willy Deville, Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow are some examples.

Only 20 minutes drive from Lille (North of France) and just a mere half hour drive from the historic cities Bruges & Ghent.

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