2 Years – 8 Awards/Recognitions Lánchíd 19 Boutique Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

Lánchíd 19, providing a beautiful view on UNESCO World Heritage sites of Budapest, is situated on the Danube riverbank, Budapest. Its innovative architectural and interior design enabled Lánchíd 19 to receive several Hungarian and international recognitions during its first two years.

- 2007 Hungarian Design Awards (for the interactive façade)
- 2007 Hungarian Design Awards (for the graphic visuals of the hotel)
- 2007 Budapest Architectural Prize
- 2008 Condé Nast Traveller’s Hot List- the best 65 new hotels of the world
- 2008 Wallpaper and Fortune magazines’ Best 50 Business Hotels
- 2008 The European Hotel Design Awards – Best Architecture/Newbuild
- 2008 Hungarian Construction Industry Award
- 2008 Best of Budapest Award

The hotel’s architectural and creative concept is based on the hotel’s relation with its direct neighbourhood, conversation with the past and the active participation of guests. The hotel’s moveable accordion-like glass façade is an autonomous artwork. It provides unique pictures in the night, so the hotel stands as a kind of ‘lighthouse’ on the Danube riverbank. The movement of the glass lamellas that are painted with tiny graphics generally follows the flow speed of the Danube, but based on the signals of the meteo-sensor on the top of the hotel, the movement intensifies in strong wind and smoothes when the wind stops. In the basement medieval walls and remains of a water-tower were excavated and renovated during the construction works. The water-tower was part of the system providing water to the Buda Royal Castle. The archaeological remains are visible from the lobby through glass flooring, serving as a section room for smaller events, e.g. wine tasting, exhibitions.

The hotel’s creative concept was made up by many young artists of different fields (e.g. graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers). This resulted in all the 45 rooms and 3 suites having an individual look. The walls feature the creative stories inspired by the modern chairs of well-known designers in the rooms, as if the recollections, fantasies and understandings of the guests entering the rooms were projected on the walls. Some of the rooms invite for a creative play, thus guests have a weekly wardrobe to dress an Erwan&Ronan Bouroullec chair, a George G. Sowden chair to watch a movie with, Philippe Starck’s Louis & Victoria Ghost to have a dance lesson with. Guests may also find themselves in a wedding ceremony, where a white Panton chair is the bride. Staff uniform is not a confectionery there, the group elected this year’s Fashion Designer of Hungary made up the collection harmonizing with the hotel’s milieu.

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Lánchíd 19 offers 45 rooms and 3 suites, all of them with a view at the UNESCO World Heritage sites Pest riverbank or the Buda Royal Castle. The hotel is located directly on the Danube riverbank, a hundred meters from the Budapest-symbol Lánchíd (“Chain Bridge”). Budapest City centre is within a further hundred meters, the Castle is a ten-minute walk to the top of the Castle hill which emerges literally from the backyard of Lánchíd 19. Each room provides free internet access, a flat, internet-able TV set featuring international channels, air-conditioning, minibar, safe deposit and phone as basic room fittings. The specially designed suites offer large panorama terraces. Lánchíd 19 accommodates three conference rooms with a combined capacity of 100 participants and L19 restaurant&bar.

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