Top 10 Things People Steal from Hotels

(Hospitality Management Schools Blog) Why do ordinarily honest and conscientious people think that it’s okay to take things from a hotel without paying for them? My theory is that many times items in a hotel have the name of the hotel on them.  Therefore these items become souvenirs and since no one is watching you in your hotel room or other areas of the hotel it’s unlikely you will get caught.  So are we really honest people or just afraid of getting caught?  Here’s what I have found to be the Top 10 Things People Steal from Hotels.

  1. Towels. Do you really need more towels at home or do you just want to have something that says the name of the place you stayed.  Most times these items are available for sale in the gift shop.
  2. Bathrobes. Who has enough room in their suitcase to steal a bathrobe?  I say bring a smaller bag and you won’t be able to steal.
  3. Ashtrays. Really?  Ashtrays are not that expensive, just go buy one.  Better yet, quit smoking.  It’s bad for your health.
  4. Light bulbs. Now this is just silly.  Do you really want broken glass in your suitcase if someone smashes it?
  5. Batteries out of the TV remote. Batteries are very expensive so I guess I could see this, but how would you like to be the next guy and not have a remote that works?
  6. Bed linens. Gross.  Do you have any idea what people do on those sheets?  I’m pretty sure housekeeping will notice and you’ll get billed.
  7. Shampoo and lotion bottles. While some hotels may consider taking these as stealing I have to say that these are put there for the guest’s use and if you don’t use them there, why can’t you take them home?
  8. Blow dryers. Do you really want that blow dryer?  In my experience they are never that good anyway.  Go buy your own.
  9. Sewing kits. These are meant to be used in an emergency and really aren’t meant to take home.
  10. Bottle openers. Now I don’t see these very often, probably because someone before me stole it.

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  1. Doug says:

    It occures to me that the posts on this blog are being copy and pasted from other websites. I read a lot from this website, but I just discovered this and I am amazed by this. Can you explain?

  2. admin says:

    Hello Doug, actually the majority of the post are not copy and paste. This one is of course. We have been contacted by the blogger asking if we were interested in this post. So we posted, and we credited the blog. Other posts might be announcements by our member hotels, which could be posted as they are or slightly edited

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