Ripa Hotel and Space Suite – The New “Ripa World”

To smoothen the edges, to embrace the new without leaving tradition behind, to rediscover the sweetness of life. These are the guiding principles of the new season at the Ripa complex: the hotel and the new space suite.

The “Ripa World” stands for evolution
As always. For generations, the Roscioli family has been handing down the idea of interpreting evolution according to the philosophy of hospitality. Their approach has always been to go along with a world that is changing, and sometimes even anticipate innovation. 170 spacious and modern suites designed to optimise  space, light and comfort. 2 junior suites with 50mq terrace and a magnificent view of the Aventino hill (one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Rome), 2 conference rooms for up to 250 people,  1 break-out room up to 20 people and 4 break-out rooms  for small meetings up to 12 people, WiFi connection  available in all  rooms,  meeting rooms, and  public areas.

The Ripa hotel concept
It smoothes the edges of rooms, converts them into spaceships and anticipates the future in its way of conceiving the art of hospitality. Ripa hotel was the first modern design hotel in Rome from 1996 and surprises guests also with ten avantgarde suites, converted into egg-shaped capsules with rounded and white walls, and the bed in the middle of the room. Small spaceships for adventurous wanderers of outer space.

RipArteCafè cultivates the new without leaving tradition behind
Riparte Cafè, the premier restaurant in Rome, is not only a hotel-restaurant, but also a hip, trendy restaurant open to the public. One of the first design night-spots in the city, this year it extends its business also thanks to the new creative management. Riparte Cafè changes during the day, based on what its customers needs: from breakfast in the morning, to business lunch with light food à la carte, until the evening with aperitifs alla milanese, cocktails, wine bar, and of course, the restaurant with its tasting menù of mediterranean creative cuisine, surrounded by the subtle sounds of jazz and blues as background music.

The Suite helps you discover the sweetness of life
After being the trendiest disco in Rome for the past few years, Suite has changed today into a versatile place for small meetings, private parties or as a show room for art exhibitions. With its unmistakable and innovative design, the Suite is also an ideal location for shooting, a suggestive space for a small concert, or a stage for fashion shows and special events.

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